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Artist Reviews as well as submission to label executives!! We help set you up with open mic and showcases in your city or places you would like to travel to. Here at Yung Mogul, we treat our clients and extended network like family, putting their needs and priorities first. Support is free!!!

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Check out Our podcast to discover new music from artists you've never heard of from all over!!!

Even if You're not the interview type it's totally fine!! Send us your music and of we think it's dope, we will play it on the show and give you a shout out!!! 

Artist Reviews on our podcast!!!


Shoot us an email if you're an unsigned artist looking to get your music reviewed for only $10 on our podcast!! We will give you an exclusive hour-long interview, as well as play two of your songs, and share your music links on our social media web pages for 15 days!!! Please be pay pal and cash app ready!!! Let's get to work!!!

Don't need management but want to promote your brand or business? Let us know!!

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Become a part of our extended family, by promoting your business or services on our podcast right now!! We offer 30-second ads for only $10!! 60-second ads cost $20!!! We will share your links on our sites for one week!!! Can't beat that at all huh? Simply shoot us an email to get started!!!

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YME Artist Skategodrodger!!

Check out this Amazing video for YME artist Skategodrodger’s single titled Weedman!!!

YME Artist Lah Gunna studio snippet!!

Check out YME Artist Lah Gunna in the studio showing yall how easy this rap thing is to him!!


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Unsigned artists blog

Welcome folks!! We will be featuring a number of our dope undiscovered friends on our blog please feel free to submit your bio’s and music links to be featured on our site and become a part of YME’s artist network!!

Moguls in the Making

Welcome to our Moguls in the making blog, where we will be showcasing talented unsigned artists on our website!! If you got some hot bars or amazing singing chops, please send your bio, pictures and links to our email address to be featured on our artist blog!! You never know who may discover you!